Cinnamon Apple Cider Cupcakes

cinnamon apple cider cupcakes

Let me just start by saying– by no means is this an original recipe (and most of my cakes won’t be as I’m not creative or patient enough to test out new ideas :P) All the credit for this recipe goes to Baking with Blondie, my absolute favorite baker on Instagram (@bakingwithblondie).

I did make a few minor recipe changes and added my own decorative flair, but oh my those chocolate leaves proved to be very difficult! I wanna share some tips for anyone who (like me) saw some beautifully done chocolate leaves on Instagram or Pinterest and is trying it for the first time:

  1. Don’t use the smallest piping tip you have, I recommend somewhere from a size 3-5 tip. The more flimsy the leaf the more easily it’ll break when you’re trying to place it on your cupcake!
  2. Once you’ve finished your leaves, pipe over it a second time (again, to make it sturdier).
  3. Find an outline of a leaf/leaves you like online and print them out to put under your wax paper. It is SO much easier to pipe over a stencil than free-hand piping. (I figured this out after I had already piped the pictured leaves and they would’ve looked much more crisp and defined had I done this!)
  4. Don’t use white chocolate. If you want white leaves, or if you want the ability to color your leaves, use white candy melts. (I hope I don’t sound completely clueless with this point, but I am by no means a baker so I had to learn by trial and error.) White chocolate is super difficult to melt, it’s more of a yellow color than white, and it doesn’t completely harden when it cools.

I’m super excited to chronicle my baking journey! I’ve loved baking for years but never took it seriously. Lately it’s been very therapeutic for me and I’m having fun finding new recipes and trying my hand at decorating cakes and such. Can’t wait to start making holiday themed treats! 🙂

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